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comic portfolio Marianna Poppitz

  • client | project:
    Comic series “Kiezfluestern” for the local magazine Kiezmagazin Brunnen 1/4 (2010-01 until 2012-03). It shows the neighborhood of Berlin – Wedding (where I live myself) seen through the eyes of Nando and Lin, two migrant kids whose ability to communicate silently take you at the hidden spots and matters of everyday life around the corner.
  • similar projects:
    Comic series “Khoi + Anna” for the local magazine DRAN of the Neighborhood management in Berlin – Marzahn NordWest (cf. URBAN JOURNALISM).
    Graphic journalism comic “Vecindad” on my thesis research in 2004 among old-town neighborhoods in Mexico City (cf. URBAN RESEARCH VISUALIZATION).
    Ongoing webmanga series “Tokyo Mosaic” on my journey in Tokyo in summer 2012.



manga portfolio Marianna Poppitz

  • team | project:
    “Silent Messages” is my second manga short story published in both German and Japanese. It appears in the anthology “Deai” produced by the Manga Club Berlin (co-founded by me in 2009) for the DJGB.
  • similar projects:
    The Manga Club Berlin has been releasing the manga anthology “Baito Oh” ever since we started it in 2009. My contributions to every issue include an episodic series on capoeira and manga short stories on urban life.




  • teams | projects:
    Storyboards visualize ideas in the making, and I use them wherever the planning of a storytelling process is necessary, be it for myself or in a teamwork.
  • storyboard use:
    Storyboards have served me as a team communication tool during my workshops, team briefings, in journalistic and research projects. As a personal planning tool, storyboards paved the way for all of my comic and manga projects.

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