“I didn’t even know that I’m able to draw that!”
This is one of the most common feedbacks that I get from my visual workshop students.

Start to visualize, get your pen ready!

Now, imagine what is possible when YOU start trying to draw with me, instead of shying away…

UrbanVisualizer Graphic Recording Berlin Learning: Important Human World Perception

I invite you to become one of my next students. Discover your own ability through training with me to:
– #Sketchnote your own ideas and other people’s input in real-time,
– #Illustrate core messages in your personal style that you learn how to graphically refine,
– #Storyboard to plan successful projects and processes,
– do #Graphic Recordings to capture the core ideas of a public speech or a team dialogue,
– #Visualize for business and personal development purposes.
So, how do you create a clear vision for yourself, your team and your audience to achieve successful projects… without shiny pictures, just with the power of your scribbled thoughts and ideas?

Visualize to Realize your Most Wanted Goals

Once you start visualizing even your hidden, most wanted goals for yourself & others to see, you are making them a reality – step by step, stroke by stroke.


My workshops create a space of collective learning. This is where participants experience how their inner roadblocks get dissolved in real-time – simply by following my visualization process.

You will learn how to use and expand your visualization skills and how to structure and transmit your key messages onto paper or digital screen:
– for highly engaged teamwork,
convincing visuals (hint: spatial respresentation is a must that you can easily learn),
motivating project outcomes and
faster innovation processes.

Are you curious to learn how to apply visualization to your own teamwork, a specific project or long term development? I invite you to reach out to me: Let me know what visual ability or outcome you would like to train or get. According to your mission statement I’ll be happy to co-create a fitting workshop format for you.
You can find an overview of my workshops offers and highlights to get inspired right below:

Sketchnoting & Storyboarding

for Personal Development and Creative Teamwork

@ Education & Leadership focused institutions & communities (e.g. AKD, Kulturagenten, VizThink Meetup Berlin, Wissenschaftsförderung der Sparkasse)


Visual Teamwork

for Mission Clarity & Successful Projects

@ Agile Meetup Berlin | Ladies Mentoring Berlin | Lego Serious Play meets NION Kiezdesign-Workshop | WordPress Meetup Berlin


Visualization Techniques:
Workshop Review

  • Bilingual Manga Workshops
    > Language Training through Character Design and Storytelling
    @ Lübeck and Weimar for the Goethe-Institut Minsk
    youth exchange program: Schülerbrücke – Jugendaustausch Deutschland + Belarus

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