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Here we go again: Leipzig invites to its famous book fair, and I have joined friends at its ever growing manga section for this weekend to present our new yonkoma anthology. Part of the small book are 10 episodes of my Tokyo Mosaic series, which I was happy to see came out nice in print.

manga yonkoma anthology Leipzig book fair 2015 Tokyo Mosaic
The drawing styles you’ll find in the compilation are as diverse as the members of our manga artists group. Since the anthology is in German, I translated my own episodes, which I’m originally writing in English. It’s great to hold a physical work result in your hands, even more so when you know what a motivation boost such a team project can be. Once Tokyo Mosaic is achieved on this blog, I’m positive about making a complete English print version too.

manga yonkoma anthology Leipzig book fair 2015 Tokyo Mosaic
If you happen to be at Leipziger Buchmesse on Sunday, maybe you want to stop by our stand. We’ll be happy to welcome you.

manga yonkoma anthology Leipzig Book Fair 2015 Baito Oh
*New episodes of my Tokyo Mosaic series will follow next week, when I’m back home to find my own infrastructure for comic production: a light table, a quality scanner, a printer for checking all lines and shades before publishing.*

So, the tighter you’re gripping the bars, the more they restrain you?

manga watercolor prisoner
Let go, then. Think of what’s beyond, and we’ll see how fast you’ll make it disappear: a prison of thoughts and habits holding you back from the next step towards more awesome things.

Big thanks to André for encouraging thoughts on the freedom to pursue a personal passion: Your words inspired this picture and its message. It was fun being filmed while drawing, and I’m looking forward to further documenting sessions.