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Architecture geeks have special missions when they walk distant urban places. This episode was one of my very core adventures in Tokyo: finding the prototype of a futuristic yet incredibly retro-style city, materialized in one building.

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To find jewels of art life in any town, this is how I’d proceed: Inform myself beforehand, and then go on the lookout. However, in Tokyo you’ll need more than that to arrive at a place you’re searching.

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All that glitters is not gold.

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I have a soft spot for those who stay out of the beaten tracks, people who are different from the main crowd.

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The Japanese versatility of combining different spiritual mindsets in one culture defied my dialectically organized western thinking. (^-^)

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Having studied some of the biggest cities of the world, I can assure that nothing about their management is easy. Especially when disaster strikes. And the likelihood of a city like Tokyo being affected by disaster is high.

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Have you ever felt incredibly tired in a big city like Tokyo? Chances are: you’re not alone.

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On december 10th of 2014 I started a narration that now comes to completion. If you ever wondered what delving into the biggest concrete ocean of the world looks like, the remaining episodes of my ‘Tokyo Mosaic‘ comic series are on their way.

In retrospective I understand now why the hiatus of production was necessary. This city is not just big, it represents urbanity like no other. And this has consequences.

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Somewhere along the riverside lies happiness, every day. You can sense that in the gentle murmuring of the water, with every sun reflection dancing on its moving surface.

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slice of life freelancer comic 27 how to relax when nothing works anymore
… why does it feel so good to be here?

slice of life freelancer comic 28 Meet Your City

Amidst all the items you might be checking off your to do-list every day, this urban place you live in remains a steady companion. Do you need to escape from it, every now and then, to come back to your senses and recharge your batteries? Does the nature of the countryside help you doing that?

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So you just changed the setting by wandering around the neighborhood. Everything is so beautiful here for a simple reason: It’s so incredibly real, analog, and breathes life.

slice of life freelancer comic 24_cat-content_attract-your-muses-attention
slice of life freelancer comic 25 shy cat inspiration

When a cat decides to ignore you, getting its attention back is a game of patience and originality. Same goes for the emotional state of inspiration: it doesn’t come because you are there, it eventually comes if you decide to stay for a while.

slice of life freelancer comic 26 patience to attract a shy cat
There is another place out there, waiting for you to join and see it. The journey’s not over, yet.

Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “Meet Your City”

Note to German Speakers: Ghostwriter ist zur Leipziger Buchmesse in kleiner Auflage im Selbstverlag erschienen. Wer das Buch bestellen möchte, kann das hier tun, solange der Vorrat reicht.