So you just changed the setting by wandering around the neighborhood. Everything is so beautiful here for a simple reason: It’s so incredibly real, analog, and breathes life.

slice of life freelancer comic 24_cat-content_attract-your-muses-attention
slice of life freelancer comic 25 shy cat inspiration

When a cat decides to ignore you, getting its attention back is a game of patience and originality. Same goes for the emotional state of inspiration: it doesn’t come because you are there, it eventually comes if you decide to stay for a while.

slice of life freelancer comic 26 patience to attract a shy cat
There is another place out there, waiting for you to join and see it. The journey’s not over, yet.

Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “Meet Your City”

Note to German Speakers: Ghostwriter ist zur Leipziger Buchmesse in kleiner Auflage im Selbstverlag erschienen. Wer das Buch bestellen möchte, kann das hier tun, solange der Vorrat reicht.