Ghostwriter 8/8: Meet Your City

Somewhere along the riverside lies happiness, every day. You can sense that in the gentle murmuring of the water, with every sun reflection dancing on its moving surface.

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slice of life freelancer comic 27 how to relax when nothing works anymore
… why does it feel so good to be here?

slice of life freelancer comic 28 Meet Your City

Amidst all the items you might be checking off your to do-list every day, this urban place you live in remains a steady companion. Do you need to escape from it, every now and then, to come back to your senses and recharge your batteries? Does the nature of the countryside help you doing that?

You could ask the city itself for help, too. Not every corner and moment of it is stressful. There are niches waiting for you to take a moment and sit, sensing the beauty. The sight of this silver river flowing through greenery and stone has a calming effect on me because it reminds me of so many things, without yelling at me like other urban protagonists and media channels would. In all its occasional ugliness, its fleeting presence and beauty, the landscape of water, green and stone reminds me of what we have built here.

You don’t need no other inspiration than this one thing happening around you, while you mindfully walk through it –it’s the best source of inspiration there is.

slice of life freelancer comic 29 Listen to life itself

This episode concludes my ghostwriter series online. The print comic contains 44 story pages (many of which I haven’t shown here) and has been released in German.

Note to German Speakers: Ghostwriter ist zur Leipziger Buchmesse in kleiner Auflage im Selbstverlag erschienen. Wer das Buch bestellen möchte, kann das hier tun, solange der Vorrat reicht.

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