Tokyo Mosaic: Restart.


On december 10th of 2014 I started a narration that now comes to completion. If you ever wondered what delving into the biggest concrete ocean of the world looks like, the remaining episodes of my ‘Tokyo Mosaic‘ comic series are on their way.

In retrospective I understand now why the hiatus of production was necessary. This city is not just big, it represents urbanity like no other. And this has consequences.

My travel to Tokyo in 2012 was like a dream come true. It enriched me with so many atmospheres and an understanding about urban life itself, that it also left me profoundly changed: While my life in Berlin goes on, I often feel that a part of me stayed in Tokyo, still processing its vibes. Because that travel left such an important trace in my mind, I wasn’t able to bring its visual account to an end just like that. The timing had to be right.

Turns out: Lately the timing was right. After the most intense and productive two work weeks of my life, the cycle is completed. Be on the lookout for the upcoming episodes of ‘Tokyo Mosaic‘. (°◡°♡)

(N.B.: Whoever happens to be at this years’ Leipzig Book Fair can shorten the wait: Feel free to stop by at my stand to have a look at the completed print book. Plus: I’d be happy to chat… (^-^) => Halle 1, Stand MK257)

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