Tokyo Mosaic #25: Stack City.

Architecture geeks have special missions when they walk distant urban places. This episode was one of my very core adventures in Tokyo: finding the prototype of a futuristic yet incredibly retro-style city, materialized in one building.

I don’t even dare to check whether Nakagin Capsule tower has been torn down already. I’m just incredibly happy to have seen it live. Whoever finds that this is an unnecessary artifact of past times in the urban landscape: let’s sit down with a cup of tea (for me, anyways) or coffee (you name it), let’s have a talk and shape a better idea of what a worthwhile urban future should look like.

And beware: since I’m a pro in that domain, I might powerfully bring in the notion of architectural heritage. I might explain to you how being respectful to the past actually enables us, urban species, to evolve in the first place. Not repeating old and current mistakes means also respecting traces that mark pivotal points of social and urban development. Those who want to see buildings like Nakagin disappear just haven’t learned to read its significance, yet.

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