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One of the most attractive features of the film festival Berlinale is the rare opportunity it provides to watch films from almost any corner of the world, including countries with no film industry to speak of. My first choice at this year’s festival was “Difret”, one of the few 35mm movies ever made in Ethiopia. If you can, don’t miss the chance to see this film based on true events, portraying a culture caught in the opposite forces of traditional culture, emerging modernity and emancipation.

Berlinale film Difret Ethiopia emancipation

You will find the screening dates and a detailed story description in the festival programme. I’m going to see more films and post about it here, you’ll find my updates on this blog throughout the next week.

When it comes to the the attention economy specific to Berlin, fashion is a key factor. People got their very own ways to create distinctiveness without exactly screaming for attention. In no other city have I seen its dwellers “inventing” themselves at less monetary costs and to more surprising effects. It’s a matter of re-contextualizing the most banal things in a fresh way. Just one example of a glimpse I caught lately, cycling my way through a western district of Berlin:

Berlin street fashion chic manga style
No matter what you wear, make it appear as the most normal thing, and the strangeness will stand out all the more. Put a typical mailman’s uniform on your weekend’s stroll through the neighborhood, visibly on no whatsoever mail delivery duty, and be sure to catch some glances in a city that is trained to ignore.

‘Where did she get that jacket?’ would I have asked myself, if my own urban journey hadn’t immediately taken me away, to the flow of further bizarre encounters. What exactly do I like about this city? At the sight of its notorious oddness, I have to keep wondering.

Something about Pharrells 24 hours of happy-Video is hypnotizing, in a good way.

To let a diversity of people dance to the same, simple tune reveals so much of their personal moods, yet by switching from one to another you can see the beauty of it all. To make it happen in different places tells you more about local atmosphere: where do passersby join the dance, where do they just look, where do they start to smile at the unexpected sight?

dance movements comic

I guess what makes improvised dancing beautiful has something to do with its closeness to everyday life: based on repetitive moves and variations, it could go on eternally. And enjoyably so.

urban-glassesSometimes, the most delicious moments in life manifest themselves in small pauses. Singing birds hidden in the greenery of trees beside your window, the humming and clicking sound of a skateboard roaming the heated asphalt, a light summery breeze patting the leaves and drawing luminous movements through the shadows of things.


When the concert hasn’t begun yet and you sit on the stairs of the church entrance, watching the lazy street at your feet. When the baby still sleeps, the mom has just gone out and bright rays of light dry the linen on the balcony where you sit, relax and wonder what’ll happen next.


Sometimes, it’s best to accept the smallness of life and to savor its amplitude through moments in between.



… to an inspiring new year.