Learning from Vivian Maier #5: Acknowledge your own

For me, the key to Vivian Maier’s story is not her posthumous success. Her visual work is there for us to see and to remind ourselves of what we care about. Concluding this, I care to give a shout-out to the many people whose talents remain locked and whose works, professional or not, remain unseen.

Learning from Vivian Maier Zeitgeist-follower needs to publish
Vivian Maier never had the chance to interact with her (potential) public, so her story is a sad one, regardless of her late recognition we are witnessing. For us, though, now is the time to publish our doings and to interact with whoever might be interested in what we do and what we like. Our lifetime is the precious moment to enjoy our own creativity. And we rarely live up to the potential of our own skills. I often notice that people don’t acknowledge their own skills because what one is able to do well always seems so normal, natural to oneself.

Learning from Vivian Maier visual talent displayed
If you want a film to make a difference in your life, put some metaphoric thought glasses on when you see this documentary. Ask yourself: “What exactly made Vivian Maier resourceless? And to what extent do I resemble her?”
Learning from Vivian Maier through metaphoric thought glasses
(tbc: The 6th episode will conclude this series.)

2 responses to “Learning from Vivian Maier #5: Acknowledge your own”

  1. to watch and comment with irony the ZEITGEIST was always inspiring for cartoonists!
    thanks for your comment at
    where I tried to understand Japan too
    a new link to Charles Gorry there…

    1. Vivian Maier captured ‘Zeitgeist’ in her street photos, I’m returning the favor in my own sketchnotes & comic pages. Reflecting on Vivian Maier’s legacy helped me to understand how to unleash creativity on a more general level. I realized how much of a small, unacknowledged genius dwells in every one of us, ready to be set free when we choose to express it.

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