Tokyo Mosaic #12: Faces.

One of my favorite remembrances of Tokyo is getting back home and being welcomed by unexpected guests at the dinner table.

Tokyo Mosaic urban manga faces
No matter how surreal some of our chitchat has been: that night, I really felt at home in Tokyo. This is where I decided that sooner or later, I’d have to come back to Japan. (tbc)

*This episode of my Tokyo comic series concludes the second of its six chapters. The first (#1-6) was about approaching the city, this second about encounters. The next episodes (#13-18) will show you how Tokyo moves, in many ways.*

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  1. […] atmospheres are contagious. If the cozy dinner chitchat in episode 12 made me think I should come  back to Japan, Shimokita helped me to figure out where I’d […]

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