Why I love drawing like a little kid, forgetting everything around and focussing on that piece of paper as if my dear life depended on it?

It reminds me of happy times. Of childhood. A childhood rediscovered, so to say. With its particular naivety, that gives me the permission to immerse my entire attention into what I like most.

There’s a simple equation: Wherever you put your attention’s focus is where your energy goes. It’s the Theory U lesson that marked me most. There’s so much distraction going on, an incredible amount of energy to be wasted. But there is always something more specific and worthwhile calling your permission to immerse yourself. So I’d rather put my focus and energy where my passion dwells, a path of personal growth. Have you given yourself permission to follow yours?

3 responses to “Permission”

  1. Quite insightful. It really isn’t easy pouring one’s collective energy within into one thing but it’s always worth it.

    1. Yes, and funnily enough a conscious focus can allow to switch between projects and activities more seamlessly, as well. For me, it’s all about recognizing the connecting thread between the things that call my attention. And to discard what doesn’t belong there.
      Thank you for commenting (^-^)!

      1. 🙂 All about priorities

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