Ghostwriter: Slice of a freelancer’s Life

For manga artists who want to bring their self published books to the Leipzig book fair, doing so is pretty much a matter of chance, as you get a stand exclusively through a lottery win. You apply for a stand in the so-called doujinshi area, and you wait whether they draw your lot or not. No application portfolio, no names considered, just a raflle. Well, I got lucky this time, and this was literally the much needed little kick of luck to my artist butt, to get moving and drawing my own picture story again. After all, what is a stand made for if not to actually present something new to offer and sell?


This is my first completely self made, not anthology style publication. In the next days until the opening of the Leipziger Buchmesse, which starts on March 23rd 2017, I’m going to post more of that slice of life story that I came up with throughout the last weeks: Ghostwriter.

Meanwhile, I’m not forgetting at all about my ongoing projects, such as my Tokyo Travel Comic Series, or the documentation of my most interesting professional graphic recording outcomes. This is just a hint to you, friends and interested people alike, that there is an opportunity to meet me, if you happen to be at the book fair in Leipzig this year (more infos to come). And that I still breathe, and never stopped loving to draw, actually.

Sometimes it takes a pause, to be able to say that: Feels good to be back. Long time no see, dear Blogosphere ;-).

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