Ghostwriter 2/8: Embrace the Unexpected

When someone calls you by your name in a completely unfamiliar setting, your brain might take some time to process what’s actually going on.

slice of life freelancer comic 04 no misunderstanding encounter with an old friend
This is a kind of situation I couldn’t make up, because it’s so improbable that it just wouldn’t cross my mind: A sudden rain on an otherwise sunny day forces you to take shelter in a random entrance niche, when an old school friend you haven’t seen in ages opens the front door to call it a day sooner than usual.

If that’s not a reason to pause and hug each other, I don’t know what is.

slice of life freelancer comic 05 embrace Umarmung
I guess unexpected encounters simply accentuate what really connects us. No time to think it over or to arrange something, and the conversation just flows, naturally. Which actually doesn’t help structuring a growing chaos in life, just adds a melodic note to it.

Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “Freelancer Blues”

Note: I’m at the Leipzig Book Fair until Sunday, to present my freshly released “Ghostwriter” book print. If you happen to be there come to my stand MK251 and say hello <3.

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