Ghostwriter 3/8: Freelancer Blues

Telling an old friend about yourself can be quite refreshing, like a look at your life through the lens of someone else.

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slice of life freelancer comic 06 funky job you got Arbeitsstelle Berlin

Knowing each other for so long makes it all the more funny to watch how things have turned out by now – at least, if both of you are halfway happy.

Then again, when another client call disrupts your journey on a Friday afternoon, the freelancer’s reality friendly puts you back on track.

slice of life freelancer comic 07 nightmare project
After years of freelance work, you start reading between the lines quicker, no matter how gentle the client request. Why would someone actually need a weekend with just free time? After all, freelancer includes free… as in “the free, deliberate choice to never stop working anymore”. If that makes you smirk in disbelief, think again: all these online marketers priding themselves to be able to work from just about any workspace of their choice. Sounds very good as long as you neglect the fact that the ability to work from everywhere fundamentally blurs the line between work and leisure time…

…which actually harmonizes pretty well with a creative mindset that keeps adding new possibilities and thus complexity to any given task instead of just plain solving the problem at hand and finishing the procedure.

slice of life freelancer comic 08 self growing todolist stress
Then again, whatever we do, it’s all about the feedback we get for it. Your own happiness on the job should be a crucial feedback to yourself, when it comes to deciding whether to go on in a specific line of work. Chances are high that your own positive feedback somehow will resonate in the outside world as well, giving you further motivation to go ahead.

When an old friend of yours confirms how much your chosen path brings the dreams of your younger self to fruition, it feels pretty fulfilling.

slice of life freelancer comic 09 career encouragement of an old friend
For a moment in time, an unusual encounter can interrupt your business as usual. But what would need to happen in order to bring about a lasting change in your life?

Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “Berlin, You Rock!”

Note: I’m at the Leipzig Book Fair until Sunday, to present my freshly released “Ghostwriter” book print. If you happen to be there come to my stand MK251 and say hello <3.

Note to German Speakers: Ghostwriter ist zur Leipziger Buchmesse in kleiner Auflage im Selbstverlag erschienen. Wer das Buch bestellen möchte, kann das hier tun, solange der Vorrat reicht.

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