Ghostwriter 4/8: Berlin, You Rock!

After you’ve managed to meet an old friend thanks to a most unlikely coincidence, it makes you think about who or what facilitates these kinds of lucky happenings. It also makes you think about what gets in the way. And why certain things take so much time to actually happen.

(hover over the pictures to read the English translation)

slice of life freelancer comic 10 time to meet in concrete jungle Berlin Kottbusser Tor

slice of life freelancer comic 11 long-time misunderstood

slice of life freelancer comic 12 scope improbability of urban encounter

slice of life freelancer comic 13 urban encounter happens in Berlin
Thank you, Berlin. Thank you for making the most improbable things happen, time and time again.

Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “The Most Vulnerable Spot”

Note to German Speakers: Ghostwriter ist zur Leipziger Buchmesse in kleiner Auflage im Selbstverlag erschienen. Wer das Buch bestellen möchte, kann das hier tun, solange der Vorrat reicht.

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