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After you’ve managed to meet an old friend thanks to a most unlikely coincidence, it makes you think about who or what facilitates these kinds of lucky happenings. It also makes you think about what gets in the way. And why certain things take so much time to actually happen.

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slice of life freelancer comic 10 time to meet in concrete jungle Berlin Kottbusser Tor

slice of life freelancer comic 11 long-time misunderstood

slice of life freelancer comic 12 scope improbability of urban encounter

slice of life freelancer comic 13 urban encounter happens in Berlin
Thank you, Berlin. Thank you for making the most improbable things happen, time and time again.

Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “The Most Vulnerable Spot”

Note to German Speakers: Ghostwriter ist zur Leipziger Buchmesse in kleiner Auflage im Selbstverlag erschienen. Wer das Buch bestellen möchte, kann das hier tun, solange der Vorrat reicht.

Telling an old friend about yourself can be quite refreshing, like a look at your life through the lens of someone else.

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slice of life freelancer comic 06 funky job you got Arbeitsstelle Berlin

Knowing each other for so long makes it all the more funny to watch how things have turned out by now – at least, if both of you are halfway happy.

Then again, when another client call disrupts your journey on a Friday afternoon, the freelancer’s reality friendly puts you back on track. Read the rest of this entry »

When someone calls you by your name in a completely unfamiliar setting, your brain might take some time to process what’s actually going on.

slice of life freelancer comic 04 no misunderstanding encounter with an old friend
This is a kind of situation I couldn’t make up, because it’s so improbable that it just wouldn’t cross my mind: A sudden rain on an otherwise sunny day forces you to take shelter in a random entrance niche, when an old school friend you haven’t seen in ages opens the front door to call it a day sooner than usual.

If that’s not a reason to pause and hug each other, I don’t know what is.

slice of life freelancer comic 05 embrace Umarmung
I guess unexpected encounters simply accentuate what really connects us. No time to think it over or to arrange something, and the conversation just flows, naturally. Which actually doesn’t help structuring a growing chaos in life, just adds a melodic note to it.

Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “Freelancer Blues”

Note: I’m at the Leipzig Book Fair until Sunday, to present my freshly released “Ghostwriter” book print. If you happen to be there come to my stand MK251 and say hello <3.

So after some real hard work you’ve got a client assignment practically finished, which makes you all ready to go and kick off your own long time wanted project.

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slice of life freelancer comic 01 finished project
Moving on feels energizing until a sudden flush of rain and bad news brings your journey to a sudden stop amidst the city: pretty quickly, ‘practically finished’ snaps back into ‘work in progress’.

slice of life freelancer comic 02 bad news endless project
While you’re still trying to figure out how to make time for a revision you’re not even sure to agree with, something else grabs your attention.

slice of life freelancer comic 03 still digesting bad news change arises
Tomorrows Ghostwriter episode: “Embrace the Unexpected”

Note: I’m at the Leipzig Book Fair starting tomorrow, to present my freshly released “Ghostwriter” book print. If you are there, come to my stand MK251 and say hello <3.

For manga artists who want to bring their self published books to the Leipzig book fair, doing so is pretty much a matter of chance, as you get a stand exclusively through a lottery win. You apply for a stand in the so-called doujinshi area, and you wait whether they draw your lot or not. No application portfolio, no names considered, just a raflle. Well, I got lucky this time, and this was literally the much needed little kick of luck to my artist butt, to get moving and drawing my own picture story again. After all, what is a stand made for if not to actually present something new to offer and sell?


This is my first completely self made, not anthology style publication. In the next days until the opening of the Leipziger Buchmesse, which starts on March 23rd 2017, I’m going to post more of that slice of life story that I came up with throughout the last weeks: Ghostwriter.

Meanwhile, I’m not forgetting at all about my ongoing projects, such as my Tokyo Travel Comic Series, or the documentation of my most interesting professional graphic recording outcomes. This is just a hint to you, friends and interested people alike, that there is an opportunity to meet me, if you happen to be at the book fair in Leipzig this year (more infos to come). And that I still breathe, and never stopped loving to draw, actually.

Sometimes it takes a pause, to be able to say that: Feels good to be back. Long time no see, dear Blogosphere ;-).

We already passed the mark of an urban planet: more people are living in cities than on the countryside. If change is to come, it must happen in cities. Yet the common tide is high, and inertia is strong.

Tokyo Mosaic urban manga directions
This episode concludes a chapter that saw Tokyo moving us, through an astonishing spiritual diversity, distinct neighborhoods, living traditions on the streets, unexpectedly rewarding sights and curious encounters. At this point, movement itself turns out to become difficult, though. Gaining perspective makes hungry for more, yet directions aren’t easy to figure out in a maze of contrasts, overflowing options and paths.

So I invite you to stay tuned for the following chapter leading you into the next level of urban discovery: patterns of a labyrinth commonly known as Tokyo. (tbc)

While some were right about Tokyo becoming a precious place to me, most were wrong about the specific reasons. The supposed heaven for manga freaks did nothing but make me go away. Ikebukuro was different.

Tokyo Mosaic urban manga Ikebukuro chameleon cat
It’s not one of the famed neighborhoods, and from what I’ve heard it’s not all too well seen, with its subcultures and rough atmosphere.

If the chameleon cat I met there needed a name, I’d probably call it Makoto. You don’t need to watch the related dorama to agree: feisty cat or delinquent fella, whoever deeply loves his hometown is truly entitled to shout out this feeling… Ikebukuro is the best, 池袋最高! (tbc)

*Ikebukuro West Gate Park is one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen, it unites everything I like: from urban Hip Hop subculture to a charming delinquent neighborhood with its stupid-handsome heroes. I’m seriously thinking about translating this kind of story to the setting of Berlin. Somehow, sometime.*

Have you ever seen a concrete ocean falling asleep?

Tokyo Mosaic urban manga true reward
To watch that happen on a warm summer night at the Sumida River, indulging in another cheap, super delicious street bento… is just priceless. (tbc)

With new impulses and ideas flowing in these days, my webcomic gets another dimension to me. It reminds me to take one step after another, not leaving things out.

Tokyo Mosaic urban manga timeless dance Otsuka
Yesterday, my Japanese tandem partner asked me what my favorite travel was. Right now the answer would be Japan, but that’s a moment in time, and time evolves.

The travel goes on. (tbc)

Here we go again: Leipzig invites to its famous book fair, and I have joined friends at its ever growing manga section for this weekend to present our new yonkoma anthology. Part of the small book are 10 episodes of my Tokyo Mosaic series, which I was happy to see came out nice in print.

manga yonkoma anthology Leipzig book fair 2015 Tokyo Mosaic
The drawing styles you’ll find in the compilation are as diverse as the members of our manga artists group. Since the anthology is in German, I translated my own episodes, which I’m originally writing in English. It’s great to hold a physical work result in your hands, even more so when you know what a motivation boost such a team project can be. Once Tokyo Mosaic is achieved on this blog, I’m positive about making a complete English print version too.

manga yonkoma anthology Leipzig book fair 2015 Tokyo Mosaic
If you happen to be at Leipziger Buchmesse on Sunday, maybe you want to stop by our stand. We’ll be happy to welcome you.

manga yonkoma anthology Leipzig Book Fair 2015 Baito Oh
*New episodes of my Tokyo Mosaic series will follow next week, when I’m back home to find my own infrastructure for comic production: a light table, a quality scanner, a printer for checking all lines and shades before publishing.*